The Bloom Foundry Fabulous Flower Tips

When you receive your fresh flowers from The Bloom Foundry I recommend that you should follow these tips to help your beautiful bouquet last for as long as possible.

Tip 1.

Vase - Choose a vase that will set your bouquet off to perfection. 

If you have a taller Bloom Foundry bouquet then this is best suited to a vase that is at least 30cm tall, if it’s one of our lower designs then they sit well in a vase around 20cm tall. We do offer signature vases for our bouquets that have been handpicked especially by me, they are available here 


Tip 2. 
Water - Fill your vase with water to about 5cm from the top of the vase. As well as drinking water through the cut base of the stem lots of flowers also absorb water all the way up the stem through the outer membrane so it is important to make sure that they have deep enough water to do this.  Top the water up everyday and change the water entirely every 2-3 days.

Tip 3.
Packaging - Remove all packaging that has come with your flowers.

Tip 4.
Food - Use “flower food” for most flowers. This helps to keep bacteria from forming in the water and enhances the water for the flowers to drink.  We provide two sachets of flower food with our bouquets, add one to the first vase of water and the second one when you fully change the water.

Tip 5.
Cut - It is important to recut each stem before placing your bouquet into water.  Using sharp scissors cut at least 1.5cm of stem off each flower before you put them into the vase and every time you change the water. 

Tip 6.
Heat - Keep your flowers away from anywhere too hot or too sunny. 

I hope your enjoy your flowers as much as much I enjoy creating them. 
Take care